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BMW Brake Repair Azusa & Alhambra

BMW Brake Repair to perhaps the most important safety feature built into your vehicle, and the one you use every time you drive, is really important.  Your car’s brakes are a key component to your vehicle. As they help keep your car a safe distance from other vehicles and hazards on the road.

There are two main kinds of brakes:

drum brakes and disc brakes.  Drum brakes stop your car by generating friction on the brake through the brake shoes or pads.  The harder you press the brake pedal the tighter the shoes squeeze against the drum.

The second common type of brake is a disc brake.  Disc brakes also work to stop your vehicle by applying pressure via shoes or pads. Instead of squeezing a brake drum they press against a brake rotor or “disc.”  This type of braking system uses calipers to apply the friction of the shoes onto the rotor.

Parts of Brakes:

Stopping on a dime requires the different parts of the brake to be working together in unison. Whether your car is equipped with drum brakes or disc brakes, and having your brakes checked regularly, including the brake rotors, brake pads, brake lines, brake hoses, and brake calipers, will help ensure your car slows down properly when you see those brake lights in front of you.

Brake Care:

Instead of waiting for an audible squeal or feeling the grinding of your brakes, preventative inspection, and care for your brakes. Including the measurement of your brake pads, drums, rotors, and testing your brake fluid. Can help you avoid significant repairs and can help keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Even if your brake pedal feels soft, or if it requires significant pressure to apply the brakes, this may be a sign that there is air in your brake fluid.This can be fixed with a brake bleed.

So whether your car shows the signs of needing brake repairs, such as feeling vibrations while braking, squealing, or grinding, or if you simply want to ensure that all of your brakes and their components are working correctly and are not in need of repair. Let Y Tire Sales & Auto Services help keep your car running, and stopping, smoothly.  Bring your car in to have your brakes inspected. One of our highly trained, ASE-certified technicians will be able to assist you with all of your brake-related needs.  Call us at (626) 570-1113 today to schedule an appointment.

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